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Northwest Crosstraining

Territorial Boys’ Work director Kevin White explains the new Adventure Corps program to youth leaders in the Golden State Division


By Captain Janene Zielinski – 

What’s love got to do with it? That’s the question 26 Northwest Division CROSSTrainers answered at a recent overnight rally. Beautiful, snowy Camp Arnold was the perfect setting for these Corps Cadets to discover what the Bible says about loving themselves, their families and others.

Through hands-on workshops, small group discussions and troop skits, the truth about love was presented and absorbed. Testifying at the end of the weekend, Rashida Smart from Tacoma said, “I never knew you could learn about God and have so much fun at the same time.”

One of many highlights was a special awards luncheon where Divisional Commander Lt. Colonel Evelyn J. Hunter participated in a game of biographical “20 Questions” from the inquisitive teens. After awarding membership cards and course certificates, she addressed the group, encouraging them to “let their roots go down deep in the Lord.”

CROSSTraining lessons are designed specifically to help Corps Cadets become spiritually mature through Bible Study, leadership training and corps participation. This rally is one of many CROSSTraining activities helping to build corps leadership for the future.



Golden StateOver 40 leaders of Sunbeams, Girl Guards and Adventure Corps attended Youth Leadership Training recently in the Golden State Division. Special guest was Kevin White, territorial Boys’ Work director.

Highlights included specific training for Sunbeam and Girl Guard leaders in the area of reporting and achievement. Adventure Corps leaders learned from White’s experience as he explained all aspects of the new program. He also taught basic leadership techniques for all the youth leaders.

“It was an extremely beneficial day,” said Captain Rhonda Bowman, divisional Guard and Sunbeam director.



Corps cadets and leaders enjoyed winter activities during their retreat. A special emphasis was the new CROSSTraining curriculum.Some 45 Intermountain Corps Cadets and their leaders enjoyed “cross training” on snowmobiles during the division’s corps cadet retreat-which was all part of the weekend’s fun as the youth dug into the new CrossTraining curriculum.Hosted by Lieutenants Juan and Angel Salinas, Bozeman corps’ officers, and Captains Guy and Denise Hawk, divisional youth secretary and Guard and Sunbeam director, respectively, the cadets found plenty of challenges in the snow, under the “Big Sky” of Montana, as well as in the curriculum. Marked by plenty of fun and fellowship, it proved to be the retreat of the season.




Restoring Sanity

Restoring Sanity

 By Major Anne Pickup –  Over and over again John says in his first

New Life It’s Happening Everywhere

New Life It’s Happening Everywhere

    have come that they may have life, and have it to the full

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