WOW—Weighing our work

from the desk of…

by Debora Bell, Lt. Colonel – 

by Debora BellWe are in a very exciting and trying time of the WOW (Win One Woman—Win Our World) Initiative and planning for the territorial WOW Celebration. We are just weeks away from the territorial celebration. Reports are coming in from the divisions about some of the things that have been accomplished for the Kingdom of God. When we started thinking of and planning for the WOW Initiative and the territorial celebration over a year ago we prayed that this effort would make a positive impact on the Western Territory.

The purpose of the WOW Initiative was to remind our officers, soldiers, Home League members and Women’s Ministries participants that the “reason” our women’s work exists is to help lost souls get saved, help saved souls grow in grace and engage everyone in the salvation war. Win One Woman is a reminder that all Christians are responsible to lead unsaved people to Jesus Christ. So with the WOW Initiative we asked divisional directors of women’s ministries and divisional women’s ministries to challenge their officers, soldiers, Home League members and women’s ministries participants to consider leading at least one woman to Christ in this year. We did not introduce a contest, new report, or complicated scheme. We asked them to use report tools available to them. The DWMS had some extra reports to fill out to capture and report the progress, and I publicly thank those who have gone the extra two miles for this WOW Initiative.

Reports from the divisions tell us that people have given their lives to Jesus through the efforts of women’s ministries, and women have made commitments to grow in their spiritual lives. We will announce the numbers at the territorial WOW Celebration, but I did want to say to you all, that I have shed joyful tears as I contemplated the faithful efforts that have resulted in the salvation of so many souls. May Jesus Christ be praised!

There is a lot of creativity in the WOW Initiative as to the many WOW names for events and groups. Here are a few: Widows Overcoming Worry, Women of Worth, Women of the Word, Women of Warfare, and Watch out World. Workshops were offered in the Southwest Divisional WOW Rallies titled: When Obedience Wins, Walking on Water, and Worship over Worry. The Sierra del Mar Division held BOW, (as in “tie a bow”), rallies called Bring One Woman. They tripled their normal spring divisional women’s event. Cascade incorporated WOW into their fall divisional conference, and women committed themselves to the sacred task of leading someone to Christ or helping them grow in grace.

People are praying for us all over the world as we gather together June 9, 2007, the Saturday before Commissioning, for the territorial WOW Celebration. This event is something new, something old, some things purchased and some things gold! It is not your “traditional” event, yet full of Salvation Army tradition and history. Over 1,000 women will gather to celebrate God’s faithfulness and the fact he has chosen to use us! We will honor individuals, women’s ministries groups, and corps who have made outstanding efforts to win others. Wow, that sounds exciting! If you cannot be with us, pray for us. We want this to be a time when God is glorified. When God is glorified, we are blessed, but the devil will be working hard to steal that glory and that blessing. Pray for our video and slide presentations, our main participants, the Anaheim Grove, the technicians, the sound system, the printer, the producer, the speakers, and those bearing the burdens of details. God is in this and we trust him. WOW! Wonderful Opportunities Wait—for us to seize them!

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