World services dollars help India

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India Central Territory completes several projects.

A women’s hostel in Chennai, India, was refurbished with U.S. Western Territory world service funds.

The U.S. Western Territory’s pledge of nearly $32,000 of world services dollars allowed work to progress in the India Central Territory at four locations. Now complete, the projects included renovations at a guesthouse, a women’s hostel, a hospital and the territory’s training college and divisional headquarters compound.

The Red Shield guesthouse in Chennai appeared old and did not contain proper guest facilities. Exterior work improved the windows, doors and roof. In the guest rooms, renovations included hanging wallpaper and installing water pipe lines, electricity, and new bathroom doors. Managers, staff and guests have commented on the quality of the repaired guesthouse.

In desperate need of repair, the Working Women’s Hostel in Chennai needed work inside and out. The outer walls, doors and windows were whitewashed and painted. Inside, new water and electrical connections were installed, walls were painted and toilets repaired.

People entering the Evangeline Booth Hospital in Nidubrolu once had to elude the dogs, goats, buffalo and pigs that meandered around the hospital grounds and sometimes wandered inside. Now, a newly built compound wall surrounds the hospital and keeps the animals out. With the world services money, the hospital purchased necessary equipment, including an operating table, a diathermy machine, a refrigerator, a wheel barrel, a microscope, a coulometer, a sterilizing machine and disposable needles.

The grounds at the training college and divisional headquarters in Nellore similarly had trouble keeping animals and strangers out of the buildings. Now, a newly built wall allows students and employees to move about the compound freely.

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