What if I shared my faith?

Learn how to share Christ at the Natiional Seminar on Evangelism.

by Carl Darby –

Growing up, my sisters, Sheena and Claire, were never really interested in my toys, so I didn’t have to share. One time, though, I received a gift of new binoculars that I took to school and shared with friends. I returned home not only with the precious possession broken, but also my spirit!

When we reach the age of 30-plus, many of us begin to not only look in the mirror a little more closely, but perhaps in more contemplative moments, to measure the impact of our lives on this world. Have we shared of ourselves with others?

I am inviting you to reflect with me. Have you shared your most precious gift of Jesus Christ at every opportunity? Has your spirit been broken when you’ve tried to do so, even with close friends or family? How many moments of Holy Spirit prompting have you dismissed? How many people have you failed to help walk the path of righteousness? Does your vision remain as a seed in a packet, or do you want to grow new life?

Every soldier of Christ should seriously consider attending the National Seminar on Evangelism (NSE) to be held at Glen Eyre, Colo., in August. It is an opportunity to learn how to share Christ. If you and your corps are willing to accept this challenge, contact your corps officer to sign up.

I have been involved in the logistics of NSE for 20 years; most of that time I thought of it as just another conference. That was until, four years ago, I attended as a staff member for the first time. It blew me away. It was the most spiritually enriching week of my life. I trust it will be the same for you.

This year’s theme is Just Walk Across the Room, from the award-winning Willow Creek curriculum by Bill Hybels. English and Spanish language tracks will be offered. For further information consult the following:

So, just do it. Walk across the room and inquire of your corps officer.

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