West’s Medical Fellowship Assists Russian Doctors

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Physicians in Russia are enjoying updated medical literature, thanks to the generosity and creativity of the Western Territory’s Medical Fellowship.

“Earlier this year, Captain Charles Smalley, Volgograd, Russia corps officer, requested the medical book, The Shoulder,” says Colonel Joy Church, territorial medical fellowship secretary, “due to an unfortunate accident for which he required treatment from doctors who needed updated literature. Through the Medical Fellowship, we contacted Reverend Marti Ensign, director of Christian Women in Medicine and Dentistry.”

According to Church, Ensign began networking with Lewis Reines of W.B. Saunders Company, who secured a donation not only of books, but video tapes as well. Then, Major Isa McDougald, overseas personnel and special projects director, arranged for the books to travel directly to Volgograd with the Army’s Western Territory Service Corps team.

“Mother Teresa, after receiving the Nobel Peace prize, said, ‘We can do no great things, only small things with great love’,” says Church. “We give thanks to God for Medical Fellowship members who show this great love as they serve in a healing ministry.”

(Ed. note: While taking care of routine medical needs recently, a doctor discovered cancer in Lt. Colonel Bill Hunter’s bloodstream. Further tests confirmed the presence of cancer cells, and the doctor has recommended the commencement of treatment immediately. The Hunters will be greatly encouraged with prayer support and words of encouragement. Cards may be sent to the Hunters c/o Marti Ensign; 2637 Simmons Rd. S.W.; Olympia WA 98502.)

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