Western Territory helps Korea extend ARC ministry

KOREAN OFFICERS MAJOR Soo-kyung Moon and Major Soon-duek Kim are participating in the West’s ARC Administrative Development Program.


The Adult Rehabilitation Center’s (ARC) Administrative Development Program (ADP) has gone international this year with the addition of visiting Salvation Army officers from Korea who are here to learn about ARC systems in the Western Territory.

This program was endorsed by Commissioner David Edwards (Western Territory) and Commissioner Sung-hwan Kang (Korean Territory) to help assist the Army in Korea in the development of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs–which are desperately needed there–as well as viable recycling operations to support the programs.

The Administrative Development Program is a ten-month training program which helps prepare Western Territory officers for ARC officership through weekly classes at ARC Command and on-site training at local ARCs. All aspects of the ARC ministry, from addiction and rehabilitation issues to thrift store operations, are covered in the ADP program.

ARC Commander Daniel Starrett (Western Territory) said that the Korean Officers who are trained through this program will be key to the future development of ARC operations in Korea, where two Salvation Army Thrift Stores are already operating. There are no Salvation Army drug rehabilitation programs in Korea, however, and virtually no other rehabilitation programs exist anywhere in the country although there is a growing need for such services.

Major Jae-kook Shin (Territorial Property Secretary) recently returned to Korea after a 10-week stay in the West. Major Soo-kyung Moon and Major Soon-duek Kim (husband and wife) are currently participating in the ADP program. They will train here for a total of nine months.

“This program is another example of the innovative international partnerships that exist among Salvation Army people. It is exciting to be involved in helping to develop ministry opportunities that will extend the Kingdom of God–and God’s blessings–far beyond our own borders,” said Starrett.

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