Western Territory Deployments – Tornado Flood Response Southern Territory

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Cascade Division:

Catherine Atiyeh-Mitchell- Casework specialist-Houston, MS


Del Oro Division:

Capt. Scott Schneider- Emotional & Spiritual Care, Tuscaloosa, AL

Capt. Barbara Schneider -Emotional & Spiritual Care, Tuscaloosa, AL

Major Wayne Wetter-Incident Commander, Memphis, TN

Capt. Dan Williams-Logistics Chief, Memphis , TN

Larry Keeran- Casework specialist, Tuscaloosa, AL


Golden State Division:

Major Orpha Moody-Administrative specialist, Anniston, AL

Laine Hendricks- Public Information Officer, Tuscaloosa, AL


Intermountain Division:

Dr. Robyn Morgan- Emotional & Spiritual Care, Tuscaloosa, AL


Northwest Division:

Jesse Oldham – Casework Specialist, Tuscambia, AL

Capt. Dana Libby – Operations Chief, Memphis, TN

Catherine Dearman – Casework Specialist – Anniston, AL


Southern California Division:

Patrick O’Riley- Casework Specialist, Tuscaloosa, AL

Lt. Kari Rudd- Caseworker, Tuscaloosa, AL

Chris Golden – Caseworker, Tuscaloosa, AL

Joanne Golden – Caseworker, Tuscaloosa, AL


Southwest Division:

Capt. Jason Koenig – Operations Chief, Tuscaloosa, AL

Envoy Bruce Rogers – Administrative specialist, Anniston, AL

Michael Evans, Casework specialist, Anniston, AL

Capt. John Hermanson- Caseworker, Tuscaloosa, AL


AMBASSADORS OF HOLINESS assigned in the West

AMBASSADORS OF HOLINESS assigned in the West


Disaster response in Tuscaloosa

Disaster response in Tuscaloosa

A volunteer reviews the damage resulting from the deadly tornado

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