West sends teams into ‘red zone’

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A 17-member disaster team from the West is on-site in New York City, assisting with ongoing relief efforts.

The team joined Western Territory Emergency and Disaster Services Coordinator Tom McSherry, who is serving as incident commander for the relief operation. Team members serve at the Army’s command center, located within the “red zone,” as grief counselors, canteen operators, and in operations.

Team members are–THQ: Captain Mariam Rudd, LeRoy Thieme; Crestmont College: Major Cindy Lowcock; South-west: Major John Webb, Christian Sibaja Chacon, Michael Simpson, Capt. William Dickinson, Jr., Mark Bratman, Capt. William Cobb; Sierra Del Mar: Adan Rodriguez, Jr., Kathleen Scott, Larry LaBorte, Jack Gunnar, Anthony Stephen; So. Calif.: Paul Nowatka, Jay Ecker, Capt. Gary Smith, Major Don Gilger, Capt. Ron Fenrich; Del Oro: Ken Cavallero; Alaska: Craig Fanning; Golden State: Dr. M. Temple Elliott.

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