West gives Taiwan first kettles

The Taiwan Region held its first ever Christmas Kettle campaign, helped by the donation of 20 kettles by the Western Territory.

“We had our share of skeptics who thought the people would not give and we would not be allowed to stand in the streets,” said Regional Commander Lt. Colonel David Brigans. “Collecting money on the streets is not common in Taiwan, but giving out flyers and free samples is, so we printed two pamphlets, one about the Army in Taiwan and the other on the Christmas story. Thirty thousand each were provided to the corps, paid for by donations we received from people in our home territory.”

All five of the region’s corps set their own budgets for income, which collectively totaled $62,000. At the conclusion of the campaign the total received was nearly double that–$120,956.

“The response from the people was very good,” Brigans said. “It was great to see sad faces turn to smiles when they are wished a happy Christmas. We are excited that as a result of our efforts, many thousands of Taiwanese people now know more about the true meaning of Christmas and of the Army in Taiwan.

The Army made good contacts as well. One radio station manager received a pamphlet and decided his station should do something to make listeners more aware of what Christmas is about. He called The Salvation Army and asked for someone to give a 30-minute interview. It was pre-recorded and played twice on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. “This is a popular news station and so many thousands of people will have heard this program,” noted Brigans.

“Our officers and soldiers have been helped to see what benefits are available if we get out among the people and we are praying that this new beginning will provide fresh impetus for further forays into the devil’s territory.”

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