Welcome to The Gathering

Commissioner Carolyn Knaggs and I welcome you to The Gathering. Salvationists and friends are coming from all over the world and especially from within our territory to gather in the name of Jesus. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matt 18:20 KJV). Jesus said that, and he will prove it in these days.

We gather together with him, and we gather together with each other. You really cannot separate these two realities as they are mutually dependent. Together, we will enjoy God’s presence and observe his grace at work in the lives of many. Over 5,000 delegates are coming to share in this blessing. They will be from many of the cultures of the planet. In the every day of our regular ministries we reach out around the world in exceptional ways.

The meetings and the events of The Gathering are designed with everyone in mind. From the youngest to the oldest, we expect that each person will value this once in a generation opportunity. It’s been 15 years since our last congress.

For those who cannot physically be present, you can join in the meetings online as they are taking place (livestream.com/savn). You can also chat online to engage with others viewing at the same time. It’d be like talking during the meeting without disturbing anyone else. If you can’t join in during the meetings, they will be archived to watch at your convenience. Expect to be blessed. God is not limited to time and space. His Spirit will visit you as you join in when you can.

Thank you for praying for all that is taking place. We really need your support in this way and you will be participating in a God glorifying manner. Hallelujah!

Boot camp 4 proves bold

Boot camp 4 proves bold

By Christin Davis A simple but striking white 6- by 11-foot origami fish

“Spirit! II: Empire”

“Spirit! II: Empire”

  The Southern California Division presented the world premiere of the

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