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Hawaii’s divisional commander gets to work for World Services.

by Daniel de Castro – 

How far can you stretch a $5 investment and make it grow to benefit World Services?

Here’s one for the books—Hawaii’s own divisional commander found a fun and unique way to meet the challenge.

With the $5 he was given to expand, Divisional Commander Major Dave Hudson, a member of the Leeward Corps, purchased supplies and set up a one-man car wash.

Using humor and the gentle art of persuasion, he accepted donations of any amount with this promise, “Your cars will be washed with love—and trust me, in all likelihood, this might be the only time you will ever see a divisional commander do this.”

Three hours into the car wash, and with an enthusiastic staff cheering him on, Hudson lost count after the 16th car, collecting a total of $159—not bad for more than 3,000 percent profit and sparkling cars to boot!

Thank you, and congratulations, Major Hudson, on a job well done!



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