Vending machine marketing against hunger

EatingGarbageThe Salvation Army in Toronto campaigns for no one to eat garbage.

With advertising agency Grey Canada, The Salvation Army in Toronto used a vending machine of rotten or half-eaten food in its current campaign against hunger and homelessness, asserting that no one should be hungry or desperate enough to eat out of a trashcan.

In Toronto’s Centennial College, a placard on the vending machine read: “No one chooses to eat garbage.”

“While there are helpful resources for those who call the streets home, a lot of people source out whatever food and shelter they can fine,” said Andrew Burditt, The Salvation Army’s national director of marketing and communications for Canada and Bermuda.

One student remarked on how often college students will talk about their relative poverty, eating ramen noodles to save money. He said, “We don’t think about how there’s people out there who only get to eat the stuff that we throw away.”

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