USA Team Assists Kosovo Refugees

The USA Central Territory has deployed equipment and supplies, along with a five-member support team, to the Albanian border to support relief operations undertaken by The Salvation Army.

The team and equipment will stay as long as required and will work under the coordination of the present staff. Team members Captain Pat Kiddoo, Major Robert Poff, Lt. Mike McKee, Jerry Larsen, and Linda Burkle are all experienced and go to serve. They are prepared to sleep in the canteens or tents and will provide their own sleeping bags.

Salvation Army mobile units have been sent to some of the more remote areas, and additional staff and supplies are on their way.

Six staff members from the UK are working on the relief effort; two Red Shield mobile emergency units have arrived to supply hot food and drinks to families who have had little hot food in the last three weeks.

The Salvation Army will be supporting food and supply distribution at several sites, including the Mullet camp, based at an Albanian Military garrison near the border, and will establish field kitchens at other sites. Army staff will continue working closely with other non-government organizations, including the Red Cross and local Christian groups.

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