Transforming Treasures in Alaska

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Each year, the Salvation Army in Alaska holds an event called Transformed Treasures to celebrate the creative folks who turn thrift store merchandise into works of art. But that’s not all they’re celebrating.

They’re paying tribute to lives like Vince’s that are healed by God’s grace every day in The Salvation Army’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

Vince was raised in a loving family and lacked nothing, but the first time he tried cocaine in college, he was hooked. For the next 25 years his life was one fix after another punctuated by 20 different rehabilitation programs along the way. (Read more about Vince below.)

He’d alienated his family, spent time in jail and moved from place to place to avoid the consequences of his lifestyle.

Reality hit him one day when he realized that he wasn’t living at all. He knew he was out of options, but The Salvation Army offered him an opportunity to start fresh one more time.

He completed our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program and with the encouragement of the staff has broken free of his addiction and renewed his faith in God’s love. Now Vince is reconnecting with his family and is earning his paycheck honestly.

Before entering our program, he only knew about our Salvation Army thrift stores, never dreaming that the donations of furniture, clothing and household goods would one day help save his life and free him from addiction. Transformed treasures, just like Vince.




Calling all Thrift Store shoppers!

Calling all Thrift Store shoppers!

If you shop in our Salvation Army Family Stores for great deals, vintage

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