The Salvation Army takes to the skies

The Army can use your frequent flyer miles to help others.

Did you know you can donate your frequent flyer miles from United and Delta airlines to The Salvation Army?

These days, as airlines make changes within their companies to cut costs, some are also changing the stipulations around their frequent flyer miles, such as implementing expiration dates. Rather than letting your accumulated miles expire, consider donating them to The Salvation Army.

Just as the Army accepts monetary donations and gifts-in-kind to help people in need, it also accepts your donated airline miles. They are used to quickly transport Salvation Army emergency personnel and volunteers during times of national disaster, including Hurricane Katrina and 9/11. They also provide travel to individuals and families who are in need of emergency medical attention and social services outside of their area.

Recently The Salvation Army helped a sexual trafficking victim return home to South America, and an American soldier was also able to attend his father’s funeral across country days before he shipped out to Afghanistan—all thanks to your generously donated airline miles.

Visit The Salvation Army’s national website ( to see how your United and Delta miles can help “do the most good” for people in need.

Source: Laura Mszar,

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