The Salvation Army receives $15 million from Lilly Endowment, Inc.

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Funds awarded for nationwide COVID-19 response

The Salvation Army received $15 million in grants from Lilly Endowment, Inc., for COVID-19 relief efforts. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, The Salvation Army has rapidly evolved its programs to serve vulnerable Americans and those whose livelihoods are being affected—in some cases, catastrophically—by COVID-19.

“The Salvation Army is only able to serve thanks to support from others, and we are extremely grateful for the generosity of Lilly Endowment,” said Commissioner David Hudson, National Commander. “Across the country, our dedicated staff are going above and beyond to ensure that our neighbors have access to desperately needed resources, such as food and shelter. This much-needed support from Lilly Endowment will allow us to meet those needs for millions of Americans, and we hope the support will boost awareness and inspire others to give as well.”

Before the outbreak, one in six Americans was already living in poverty, and more than 70 percent of Americans indicated they would have trouble meeting their financial obligations if they missed a paycheck. Now, The Salvation Army anticipates those numbers will increase and a new generation of need will result from the long-term impacts of the virus, such as layoffs and other job losses, food shortages and increased childcare needs. After the Great Recession in 2008, The Salvation Army saw an increase of 10 million requests for service between 2008 and 2010.

Lilly Endowment’s support for The Salvation Army’s efforts is being made in two grants. A $10 million grant to support The Salvation Army’s national work will be divided equally among The Salvation Army’s four territories, which oversee local efforts in nearly every ZIP code in the United States. A $5 million grant will be dedicated to efforts helping residents of Indiana, where Lilly Endowment is headquartered.

The Salvation Army is deeply committed to alleviating human suffering—it’s in their DNA,” said Ronni Kloth, Lilly Endowment’s vice president for community development. “Through outreach to low-income individuals and families in need of food and shelter as well as counseling, mentoring and spiritual support, they care for communities every day. In times of crisis The Salvation Army is able to spring into action to help even more people through difficult times. We’re grateful for how the Salvation Army is helping our nation during this pandemic.”

For more than 70 years, Lilly Endowment has supported various efforts of The Salvation Army to help people in need. In recent years, Lilly Endowment has been a significant funder of The Salvation Army’s work to help low-income families throughout the country break the cycle of poverty through the Army’s Pathway of Hope Program.

To contribute to The Salvation Army’s COVID-19 relief efforts, or to find a donation location in your community, visit

Salvation Army meets needs in every zip code

Salvation Army meets needs in every zip code

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