The Salvation Army and World Methodist Council Engage in Fourth Bilateral Dialogue

MEMBERS of The Salvation Army’s International Doctrine Council met for the fourth session of bilateral dialogue with representatives of the World Methodist Council at their world headquarters in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, USA, from 19-23 March 2011.


The first dialogue was held at The Salvation Army’s Sunbury Court Conference Centre outside London, UK, in June 2003, followed by a second gathering at Lake Junaluska in January 2005, and a third meeting at Sunbury Court in March 2009.


The recent dialogue was convened by co-secretaries Commissioner William Francis and Bishop Heinrich Bolleter, in consultation with Dr Jonathan Raymond (The Salvation Army) and Dr Paul Chilcote (World Methodist Council), co-chairpersons for the past two of the four dialogues. Lieut-Colonel Richard Munn served as co-chairperson pro tem for this dialogue in the absence of Dr Raymond, who was unable to attend.


The theme for the latest dialogue was ‘Working Together in Mission: Witness, Education and Service’. The process was evenly divided, with seven people representing each tradition. Participants were honoured to have Dr George Freeman, Executive Secretary of the World Methodist Council, in attendance for most of the gathering. Dr Freeman, along with Colonel Earl Robinson, served as co-secretaries for the bilateral dialogues in 2003 and 2005.


Report by Commissioner William Francis


Promoted to glory

Promoted to glory

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