Territorial Band tours UK

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Territorial Band tours UK

The Western Territorial Band (WTB), led by Territorial Music Secretary Bandmaster Neil Smith, departed on Oct. 1 for a tour of the United Kingdom Territory. Bandmaster Stephen Cobb, the UK’s territorial music director, met them on their arrival at Heathrow Airport in London.

Before leaving, band members gathered at Crestmont for a brief rehearsal and a challenge by Territorial Commander Commissioner Philip Swyers. He reminded them that millions of dollars are set aside for “the real work” of the Army, and that the WTB’s ministry is a part of that real work. He also mentioned one young band member, who—because of the impact of Army music and praising God through this medium—has made a commitment to a lifetime of service in the Army. Never question the potential influence of this ministry.

After almost 75 years with no official band, the Western Territory reintroduced the territorial band in March 2006. The WTB is funded by an endowment allocated specifically for this purpose. Its members travel from all over the territory three times a year to play music and minister to others. The band has 31 members.

Its first stop in the UK is Worthing, a small town on the English Channel. The Worthing Corps Band celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2008 and has a tradition of service in the community. WTB member David Mallett is a former bandsman of this corps; he and his wife, Beryl, were married in the Worthing Corps hall.

WTB will be visiting these locations:
October 3-4 Worthing
October 5 Norwich Citadel
October 6 Derby Central
October 7 Sunderland Monkwearmouth
October 8 Kettering Citadel
October 9 Cardiff Canton
October 10 Southend-on-Sea
October 11 Southend-on-Sea
October 12 Return to Los Angeles

You may visit their blog at https://uswband.blogspot.com.
Some information from the band’s blog, posted by Ken Mowery

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