5 TED Talks on making an impact on the world

Have you thought about the impact you’ll have on this world after you leave it? Perhaps you’ve thought about the planet and what your children will grow up experiencing, or maybe you’ve wondered what people will remember you by. It’s safe to say that the world will continue to carry on without us long after we’re gone, but there are ways for us to leave our footprints and leave behind a legacy of good.

Whether you know the impact you want to have on the world or not, here are five TED Talks that’ll leave you more inspired than ever to make the world a better place.


Watch: “Every kid needs a champion”

Rita Pierson was an educator for over 40 years and is calling on teachers to connect with their students, because “kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.” In this funny and uplifting TED Talk, Rita encourages teachers on how to engage with and leave an impact on students.


Watch: “3 steps to turn everyday get-to-togethers into transformative gatherings” 

When you grow up with separated parents with opposite viewpoints, you learn to adapt to both environments. But this also taught Priya Parker the importance of communicating meaningfully with diverse groups. While family gatherings with a variety of people often becomes passionate, regular events like birthday parties are left feeling just like another party. Parker discusses specific ways we can have more passionate get-togethers that leave a lasting impression on guests.


Watch: “Want to change the world? Start by being brave enough to care”

Cleo Wade is a poet, author, activist and artist. She recites a poem on how to come into this world and be a good person. As a baby comes into the world, it enters with fresh eyes and a clean slate. What would you say for a young person growing up in the world as it is today? Wade tells of what the world will present this baby in the future, and how she hopes her to respond. It’s a great message for the young and old, and everyone in-between.


Watch: “Why I have coffee with people who send me hate mail”

Take yourself back to a time when someone said something hateful to you. Would you go back and have coffee with that person? Ozlem Cekic did just that. After winning a seat in the Danish Parliament, her hate mail began to skyrocket. She would file away message after message, until someone suggested that she meet with these critics in person. She chose to go to their house, and most were open to meeting her. She talks about the power of dialogue and why we should move beyond talking only with people with like-minded views.


Watch: “How to motivate people to do good for others”

How can we persuade people to be more generous and do more good? Erez Yoeli researches altruism and has some interesting findings––one of which includes The Salvation Army. Find out what The Salvation Army in San Diego learned about how to get more red kettle donations, and how we can approach people slightly differently to inspire more generosity.

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