TEAM Discipleship “trains the trainers”

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by Karen Pennington

SARAH BENTLEY (l) EVALUATES the benefits and challenges of Discipleship and Lay Leadership Development on the field.

Divisional TEAM Discipleship trainers gathered recently for three days of training, discussion, and renewal at the biannual territorial “Train the Trainer” seminar. Those present included territorial TEAM Discipleship facilitators, divisional TEAM Discipleship trainers, and three representatives from the USA Eastern Territory.

The seminar’s events included presentations of the new seminars, training in the use of the program’s various resources, and open dialogue concerning the needs, resources, and projected goals of the TEAM Discipleship program. The seminar ended with a time of fellowship, worship, and reflection upon how God had spoken through the week’s events.

“The TEAM Discipleship program involves the supply of curriculum, training, and resources for the purpose of developing disciples and training leaders among The Salvation Army’s members,” said Corps Ministries Specialist Captain Debbie Horwood. “The Western Territory has already produced 20 different seminars and recommends several others published to aid in this goal.”

The latest TEAM Discipleship seminar, “Social Services,” addresses the reasoning for outreach ministry and gives a general overview of social services throughout The Salvation Army world. It then goes a step further by offering guidance and facilitation to help Salvation Army church members connect with its outreach ministries as practical and effective means of service and witness.

An updated version of TEAM Discipleship’s “Discover Your Destiny” seminar addresses issues of identity in Christ. Through use of the DISC personality indicator, a spiritual gifts inventory, and an exploration of their desires and experiences, participants in this seminar are better able to identify their role within the church and the Kingdom of God.

TEAM Discipleship trainers want to come alongside corps officers and local leaders to help develop and train disciples throughout the territory. Contact your local divisional headquarters for information on these or other TEAM Discipleship seminars. Most TEAM seminars are available in Spanish.


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