Taylor collapses enroute to THQ


Commissioner Brian Taylor

October 8, 2004 – LONG BEACH, CA. Commissioner Brian Taylor, 65, international secretary for business administration, sustained cardiac arrest while enroute by car a few blocks away from the Army’s Western Territorial Headquarters yesterday morning and was promoted to Glory October 12. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation had been initiated quickly and an ambulance arrived a very short time later.

Taylor was transported by ambulance to Long Beach St. Mary’s Hospital where a cardiac team was able to restore a heartbeat. Doctors later reported to Commissioner Bill Luttrell, territorial commander, who was in the emergency room, that Taylor, who had not regained consciousness, had suffered a serious heart attack.

Luttrell urged the soldiers and friends of the Army to be in continual prayer for Taylor’s recovery and for his family. Luttrell stated that the prayers lifted up around the world on his behalf were greatly appreciated in the confidence that God holds him in his loving care.

Taylor’s wife of forty years, Commissioner Margaret Taylor, international secretary for program resources, and his two daughters arrived in Los Angeles from London this morning.

Taylor, who had been consulting with the territory for the past several days, had impacted officers and employees of territorial headquarters in ways to be cherished. His open, caring and sensitive demeanor during the consultation and the quiet power of his message to a packed chapel service the prior morning touched many in a profound way. He had spoken of “ways to live a life” that obviously had been gained as he surveyed his own life. He emphasized a consistency of one’s walk and a need to remain faithful even in the face of what might be perceived as disappointment. Taylor’s own walk has revealed through 42 years of officership is commitment to God, the Army, and all to whom he was called to minister.

All headquarters employees and officers assembled in the chapel Thursday morning during the time of the emergency room procedures where Lt. Colonel Debi Bell, territorial secretary for women’s ministries, led a quickly called prayer meeting.

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