Territorial Director for Leadership, Evangelism, and Discipleship Aleen Bradley introduced the Commissioning weekend attendees to the new online discipleship training. The Western Territory’s multicultural ministries department offered the seminar, “Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Corps” and several workshops at Commissioning on June

ADULT REHABILITATION CENTERS COMMAND Lieutenants LeeVale and Jennifer Butler Trainees - Anaheim ARC ALASKA DIVISION Lieutenants Antonio and Heather Romero Outpost Officers - Cordova Outpost Lieutenant Janet Studdard Assistant Corps Officer – Anchorage Corps and Chaplain – Anchorage Area Social Services* CASCADE DIVISION Lieutenants John and Sharlena Cardenas Assistant Corps Officers

Long-serving Western Territory officers were recognized during the 2016 Commissioning weekend as follows: 25 YEARS Major Jennifer Bates Major Michael E. Bates Major Cindy Dickinson Major Michael J. Dickinson Major Larry Feist Major Julie Garcia Major Bernadine Graciani Major Henry Graciani Major Clem Leslie Major Evangeline Leslie Major Sherry E. McWhorter Major Gregory