Tab Songsters Prepare for Big Year

Photo of Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters

Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters

By Julie Jennings – 

For the Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters, 1996 will be a year packed with exciting opportunities for ministry in the United States and abroad. From the recording studio to New York, Disneyland to Australia, the Songsters are on the move.

Under the direction of Songster Leader William B. Flinn, the Tab Songsters head to the studio in March to record their fourth album, “Almighty,” which will be released in May. Ever innovative, the group will again break new ground in this latest recording by including CD-ROM capability on their compact disc, making them the first Salvation Army musical group, and one of the first Christian choirs, to venture into this new technology. The CD-ROM program will include a series of interactive Bible studies linked to each of the songs, as well as a profile on each songster.

From June 13 through 17, the 65-member group will visit New York as musical guests for the Army’s Eastern Territorial Congress. This PowerPoint Congress will bring 8,000 Salvationists from across the eastern United States together under the leadership of International Leaders General and Mrs. Paul (Kay) Rader. During the Congress the Tab Songsters and the New York Staff Band will unite for a special concert.

In July, the Songsters travel “Down Under” for a 16-day tour of both the Australia Eastern and Southern Territories. There they will visit various cities, including Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and enjoy the beauty of the continent and warmth of its people.

Even for these well-traveled singers, these trips to New York and Australia represent an exciting challenge to witness through music. “We believe we have the message and the music that is right for the times. We’re grateful to God for allowing us to share them on a world stage!” said Songster Sergeant Stacie Brown. The Tab Songsters will also sing to church leaders nationwide at the Christian Management Institute’s Annual Conference, to be held at the Disneyland Hotel, as well as participate in the worship service at the world-renowned Crystal Cathedral with Dr. Robert Schuller.

Even though the year is full of concerts, tours, and other engagements, the Tabernacle Songsters will carry on the things that are indeed most important to them – their weekly ministry in worship, their monthly visitation of nursing homes, and their ongoing involvement in the life and growth of their church family.





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