Strategizing roles for married women officers

(Front row, l to r) Capt. Heather Holman, Lt. Shannon Martinez, Col. Dawn Heatwole; (back row, l to r) Major Julie Aren, Major Evie Diaz, Lt. Col. Susan Bukiewicz (chair), Lt. Col. Renea Smith, Capt. Nancy Azuaje and Capt. Rebecca Simmons


Central Territory forms committee on married women officers in leadership.

The Central Territory recently formed a territorial ad hoc committee on married women officers in leadership to develop a strategy to be more successful in recognizing, developing and utilizing the gifts and skills of women in leadership.

Lt. Col. Susan Bukiewicz, Metropolitan divisional director of women’s ministries and officer development secretary, is chairperson of the group. Here, she shares her perspective:

“I’m challenged by this opportunity and am grateful for the visionary leadership of Commissioners Paul R. and Carol Seiler. As a married woman officer, I am concerned the gifts, skills and abilities present in married women officers be recognized and celebrated and that the Army would be creative in the delegation of appointments.

“While we are part of a ministry couple, we also have our own calling, commission, ordination and rank. We should not have to search for our ‘niche’ as we serve alongside our husbands. For decades, we have been proactive in honing our skills, increasing our education credentials, and developing as leaders.

“I have been blessed to know married women officers from my mother’s generation to my generation and beyond whose ministry has distinguished The Salvation Army in hundreds of communities in the Central Territory. We are business administrators, preachers, writers and counselors. We sit on Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) boards and are members of the Ministerial Association. But in the Army are we accurately acknowledging the work and contribution women make as individual officers, married or not?

“We have great examples in our recent past of married women officers receiving non-traditional appointments. May I use our Founder’s quote appropriately? ‘That and better will do.’

“Our committee work will include proposing ways to prepare married women officers for leadership opportunities, suggesting ways for appointments to reflect this reality, and offering options that acknowledge the varying interests and skills of married women officers. These are exciting days.”

From Central Connection

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