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How to start your mornings off with a positive mindset

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The way we begin our mornings can set the tone for the rest of the day. When we’re frantically getting ready, missing the bus or speeding to get to work on time, we’re beginning our days in panic mode. Instead of choosing to race the clock and feel like the world is against us, we can decide to have intentional mornings where we wake up feeling grateful, open and prepared.

Prep the night before

There are a few simple tasks you can do before bed that will make earlier mornings way easier on you.

Lay out your clothes, prepare your lunch and snacks in advance, place a glass of water on the counter, get everything out for your morning coffee or tea, decide what you’ll have for breakfast, and craft your to-do list for the next day. You’ll be all set to start the day with as few obstacles as possible. Each of those steps take minutes to do and will make a large impact on the ease of your morning.

The less time we have to spend in the morning to focus on tedious choices like what to wear and eat, the better. We can then free our mind up for our more challenging tasks.

Create good technology habits

Put your phone on airplane mode before you go to bed, and keep it on airplane mode for as long as you can stand it after you wake up. Notifications can get you out of your fresh state of mind in the morning. Dedicate your early hours to waking up slowly without alerts.

Nothing starts your day off in a funk like snoozing one too many alarms. If you’re struggling with oversleeping, keep your phone far enough away that you have to walk to get up and turn it off. Then, make your bed so you’re not tempted to jump back in.

If you’re using a phone to wake you up, you can even use the alarm label to write a positive note to yourself, so it can be the first thing you see when you rise.

Anticipate a great day

How do you want the day to go? What do you want to accomplish? Find excitement in the day and the possibility of what’s to come. Be expectant that good things are coming your way and grateful for what’s already present in your life. Find grounding in the knowing that God has your back. We may find ourselves taking everything too seriously and getting worked up over to-do list items that we’re dreading, but life is so much more than that.

Spend quiet time in prayer or reading Scripture

For some, the early mornings are one of the only times of day for peace and quiet. It’s an amazing time to sit in silence and reflect on the Word. Try looking at Bible verses to inspire you. You can even write down your prayers in a prayer journal and keep track of the prayers you’re sending out.

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