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Looking for something new and different to put a ‘shot in the arm’ of your children’s outreach ministries? The Salvation Army Eastern Territory has developed SONday’SCOOL, a new program specifically designed to reach new kids with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

In the West, some corps are already using the SONday’SCOOL material with exciting results.

Last year, after a moving presentation of this new program at the Hawaiian Islands Family Camp, the Kona Corps leadership knelt at the altar and dedicated themselves to bring Christ to the children of their community. The very next week, Envoy Juliet Bordoy began “Club 3:16,” an after-school program featured in the SONday’SCOOL curriculum. “The Lord answered our prayers and provided the leadership help we needed, and we got 25 new kids coming in the first month!” says Bordoy. “Even the mothers of these new kids got interested in the corps, and now we have a Spanish-speaking women’s fellowship group that has grown out of Club 3:16!”

“Statistics tell us if we want to win people to Jesus, we have a far better chance of reaching them and keeping them if we catch them before age 13,” says Captain Kyle Smith, territorial youth secretary. “The SONday’SCOOL curriculum is one new and exciting tool we can use to reach un-churched kids for Christ.”

The SONday’SCOOL start-up kit, which includes the first five lessons, Bible character trading cards, and more, is available free-of-charge as a gift from the Eastern Territory for any Salvation Army corps that would like to check it out. The rest of the 42-week curriculum is available in English or Spanish for $49.95. Orders will be taken through the Western Territory Supplies and Purchasing Department. Call 1-800-937-8896 to order; fax 310-265-6554 or e-mail:

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