Signs of job improvement seen among Christian businesses

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Increased Christian job listings and heightened interest in advertising among faith-based entities may have supported the dip in the unemployment rate reported by the U.S. Labor Department on Friday.

The Labor Department reported that 216,000 new jobs were added in the month of March, reducing the number of unemployed workers to 8.8 percent compared to 8.9 percent in February. The dip marks a two-year low in unemployment amid layoffs at factories, retail stores, and various other industries. The gains have been said to come almost entirely from private businesses.

Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck, husband and wife career counselors, said they have seen an increase in the numbers of jobs posted on their employment website, Christian Career Center. Though the couple is based in Michigan, their site receives job listings from all over the country.

Typically, the site receives about 400 new job listings a month from Christian private schools, ministry groups, and churches. Since the start of the year, however, job listings have spiked to about 457 listings a month—an increase of almost 15 percent.

Additionally, Christian Jobs and Church Staffing, the world’s largest Christian employment websites, have also reported increases in the number of job postings from businesses such as ministries Campus Crusade for Christ International, Corporate Chaplains of America, and faith-based aid group Samaritan’s Purse.

Statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Labor suggests that privately run businesses—including those Christian in nature—now feel stable enough to begin hiring again. Private employers added 230,000 jobs in March. In the previous month of February, private sector filled 240,000 positions. The last time private hiring topped 200,000 in two consecutive months was in 2006.

The 8.8 percent dip marks the sharpest drop in unemployment since 1983.

By Stephanie Samuel


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