Short term missions = long term benefits

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We’ve all heard about the starving children…the AIDS epidemic in developing countries…the droughts, the floods, the disease in far corners of the world.

And the fact is, it all exists. There are names and faces–men, women and children–who are the basis for the statistics we skim over in the newspaper each day.

They are real people who are in need.

To help them, Western Salvationists have taken up hammers, saws, and paint bushes–and computer and organizational skills–and speaking and ministry talents–to give of themselves through short-term mission projects.

They’ve given their time, talent, and treasure in volunteering their services. They’ve encountered difficulty, disease and, in some cases, actual danger. But they’ve found that by giving in Jesus’ name, they’ve gained a joy and fulfillment they never knew existed.

In this issue, you can read about the experiences of a few short-term mission volunteers. And don’t miss the story on the volunteers to Alaska.

When you’re through, why not consider short-term missions yourself?

For more information, please contact your divisional headquarters for any pending short term missions trip.

Baxendale’s book, CD offer activities for all ages

Baxendale’s book, CD offer activities for all ages


Sowing seeds of revival in Africa

Sowing seeds of revival in Africa

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