Common Ground


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Summer 2017
Volume 23 No. 02
A publication of The Salvation Army

In this issue

Our precious children | By Jolene K. Hodder, Commissioner

Reaching in | By Lizeth Beltran
Visitation and mentorship help counter recidivism.

Reviving Strawberry Field | By Laura Booth
Grounds that inspired legendary Beatles’ song will soon open to the public.

Serving hope
Nightly soup run offers a meal, plants a seed.

The way of Christ | By Danielle Strickland, Major
Reflections from Lebanon

Create beauty, spread good | By Nicole Bouschet
The 10 best public art projects for community good.

Dental divide | By Jared Mckiernan
Since 1999, The Salvation Army has operated a free dental clinic to uninsured adults throughout Ventura County, California.

Breaking our unconscious bias | By Karen Young
Color blindness is not about not seeing differences, but about how we interpret the differences we see.

Closing the gap | By Caitlin Johnston
The Salvation Army’s first anti-human trafficking program in Florida allows short-term housing for trafficking victims rescued by law enforcement.

Strength in numbers
WORTH teaches literacy and numeracy education, vocational trades, and business proficiency to women in rural Kenya.

How to live an inspired life at work | By Christopher Lee Hogan
You can make a conscious choice to live with positivity.

Building a more inclusive church | By Kristin Marguerite Doidge
It works from the inside out.


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