Service Corps 2015 participants announced

Western Territory youth prepare for summer mission assignments

Each summer in the Western Territory, select youth 18 to 25 years old experience first-hand sharing love, compassion and service to people around the world through the Service Corps eight-week mission program.

The territorial youth department announced that the 2015 participants include:

Kandis Beyer (Southwest Division, Apache Junction Corps)

Sarah Covert (Golden State Division, Monterey Corps)

Brenda Barriga-Delgado (Golden State Division, Watsonville Corps)

Michele Dell’Olio (Golden State Division, Fresno Citadel)

Lorine Desardouin (Southwest Division, Las Vegas Citadel)

Alexis Frees (Cascade Division, Tualatin Valley Citadel)

Andrew Frees (Cascade Division, Tualatin Valley Citadel)

Victoria Hartt (Southwest Division, Yuma Corps/RevHi)

Katelin McPhee (Northwest Division, Coeur d’Alene Kroc)

Mackenzie McQuade (Cascade Division, Gresham Corps)

Michaela McQuade (Cascade Division, Gresham Corps)

Samantha Mitchell (Cascade Division, Tualatin Valley Citadel)

Jasmine Moody (Golden State Division, Modesto Red Shield)

Sebastian Santillan (Golden State Division, Visalia Corps)

Shane’Na Tate (Southern California Division, Long Beach Citadel)

Janell Washington-Peek (Northwest Division, Seattle Temple/RevHi)

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