SAWSO to highlight work in ‘Global Good’

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sawsonewsNewsletter aims to keep internal stakeholders apprised of work

By Megan Gandee – 

The Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO) launched its inaugural newsletter, “Global Good,” this spring, designed to offer the four U.S. territories and National Advisory Board a glimpse of SAWSO’s impact around the world.

“At SAWSO, we are dedicated to our promise of ‘Doing the Most Good’ for international communities in need,” said Lt. Colonel William Mockabee, SAWSO national secretary. “As stewards of American supporters for international aid, we have the responsibility and privilege of sharing information about our work to our internal stakeholders within The Salvation Army.”

At any given time, SAWSO’s four technical advisors oversee an average of 120 active projects around the world in the areas of creating and sustaining livelihoods, fighting human trafficking, improving health, providing disaster relief and recovery, and supporting The Salvation Army’s educational institutions. The newsletter will highlight current projects and initiatives.

“Our hope is that by raising awareness of SAWSO’s unique projects, we can highlight the incredible breadth and scope of Salvation Army services around the world and by doing so, support the One Army impact initiative,” Mockabee said. “On behalf of our entire team, we thank you for your supporting our vision of creating a better world, and hope that through reading about our programs, you’ll be encouraged by the blessed global reach of The Salvation Army.”

Find the newsletter and more information at

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