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Salvationist couple on national Kroc Tour: Journal Two

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Journal two 

By Bianca Pryor – 

Broderick and Bianca Pryor, Salvationists from Denver, departed Sept. 13 to spend the next year visiting 24 Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Centers across mainland U.S., starting in Omaha, Neb. Here, Bianca Pryor shares about the start of the journey.

Green and gold were everywhere and everyone was wearing it as we arrived in Green Bay, Wisc. The Packers were playing and you could feel it in the air.

The following morning, the director of membership at the Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Green Bay gave us a spectacular tour. He was mindful to explain our mission to each staff member we met, which made us feel special. We met Lt. Alex Yanez who discussed the upcoming events and where he could use our help.

We had the chance to work with children. I enjoyed watching over the babies and toddlers at R.J. Depot, and I fell in love with the staff there. We also volunteered with the after school program. Mid-week we met with Kathryn Kroll, who is in charge of public relations there, who wanted to know more about our story. She also asked us if we would like to help her mother, the social service director at the Union Court Corps, with Christmas intake and a coat drive. I’m glad we said yes because God blessed us in so many ways.

Kathryn and her mother, Nan, introduced us to the officers, Captains Jeff and Dawn Russell, who offered to let us stay in the Yellow House across the street while we were there. We were blessed to have lunch and volunteer in the kitchen and pantry, which was so well organized.

The worship side of our visit started by helping with the character building troops program followed by dinner and an enlightening, powerful Bible Study led by Lt. Alex.

Saturday at Josten Park we passed out Bibles and candy with a verbal invitation to the Kroc Church Trick or Treat Trail. Sunday during the Holiness Meeting I shared my testimony and Broderick read the Scripture followed by prayer. I thanked God for the beautiful families who opened up their homes to care for us. What made this Kroc Center so special was the Dental Clinic offered to children for free by Brown County. And I will never forget the fireplace that warmed us as we walked in from the cold.

On Oct. 24 we headed to Chicago, only three hours away. The Holiness Meeting was filled with the Holy Spirit because the praise team sounded like a full choir. It was women’s day, so all the women were given a special gift. The time came for testimony and like popcorn I popped up to share how when God tells you to do something you must step out on faith by trusting and obeying. After the meeting we were embraced by so many people who thanked me for the testimony.

It was great to finally meet the Majors Dave and Darlene Harvey because of the good things people said about them in Green Bay. He treated us to lunch at Beggars Pizza where we enjoyed a Chicago deep dish pizza. The Kroc Center in Chicago is full of people young and old, and a lot of the staff there are Salvationists. Each day they made sure that we were fed and taken care of. So many people gave us love offerings.

We focused on our health because of all the eating we were doing. Broderick enjoyed the pool each day and I received the Holy Spirit while exercising in Elana’s Gospel Aerobic Class. I received more of God’s word on how to eat healthier in the First Place 4 Life program for women. And I was so excited to learn how to line dance Chicago style with Cheryl, a cancer survivor for over 30 years. She is a walking testimony on how you can fight and stay strong in the Lord.

We also volunteered at the Hallelujah Night on Halloween. Over 1,000 children attended. What made this Kroc Center so special to us was Joan and Ray Kroc’s vision was seen inside and out. The members here are truly thankful for the building in their community. Children have so many opportunities.

We have just arrived in Grand Rapids, Mich., and ask continued prayers for us and our journey.

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