Salvation Army responds to Delta State University shooting

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By William Feist – 

This morning, the Police Department at Delta State University (DSU) in Cleveland, Miss., began receiving reports of gunshots being heard at Jobe Hall. Responding officers found a college professor killed in his office and the campus was quickly locked down as multiple law enforcement agencies initiated an active shooter protocol.

Responding to news reports and notifications from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), The Salvation Army offered to provide snacks and hydration for the 100 or more law enforcement officials on scene. That offer was quickly accepted by State and County emergency management.

Lt. Damon Graham, corps officer for the Greenville (Miss.) Corps quickly put together a small team and some supplies and responded with the Corps van to the scene. Upon arriving, they were assigned an area near the Command Post.

“It is our honor and privilege to be here serving the public safety responders from all over our area as they work to ensure the safety of this community’s students and faculty,” Graham said.

In addition to the university being locked down, local officials also locked down the local hospital and two local schools while officers searched the university campus for the shooter who is now believed to have possibly killed a second person earlier in the day in the Mississippi Gulf Coast town of Gautier, Miss.

Graham and his team will remain on scene until no longer needed.

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