Salvation Army recognized at Yankees game



By Kenneth Speranza

The Salvation Army Greater New York Division and the New York Yankees partnered once again for Salvation Army Day at the Yankees.

Though thunderstorms delayed the start of the game against the Toronto Blue Jays, the pre-game ceremony still took place in which The Salvation Army was recognized for its ongoing Superstorm Sandy relief efforts. Most recently, the Army opened a Superstorm Sandy Recovery Office to manage rebuilding projects throughout the region.

Joining Commissioner Barry C. Swanson, territorial commander of the Eastern Territory, and Lt. Colonel Guy D. Klemanski, divisional commander of the Greater New York Division, for the on-field ceremony were guests from The Salvation Army’s Star Lake Music Camp and Emergency Disaster Services, as well as other friends and guests, including Tom Gaynor, a volunteer firefighter from Island Park, Long Island, and his family, who were assisted by The Salvation Army when their home was destroyed by Sandy.

During the ceremony, Swanson, Klemanski, and Gaynor were each called out by Yankee Stadium PA announcer Paul Olden, to the applause of fans. The Jumbotron in centerfield carried The Salvation Army shield logo with a call-to-action for support.

The Yankees also provided The Salvation Army with 500 tickets for the game, which were distributed to Star Lake music campers and others from Salvation Army community centers throughout the Greater New York area.


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