Salvation Army looking to restock food supply

MUNSTER | With recent reports of longer periods of unemployment after job losses and the unemployment rate still high, The Salvation Army is seeing heavy demand for food relief, as reported in its newly commissioned study “Feeding the Need.”

Lake County is no exception as, more and more, our neighbors are telling us they’ve finally reached the end of their savings. They desperately need help.

“We don’t feed statistics, we feed people,” remarks Major Robert Buttrey, explaining his assessment of increased need and supporting what appears in the report.

“In this community, we are seeing a whole new population coming to us for food. Our regulars are now being joined by the formerly middle-class, a group that’s just begun to embrace a nightmare they probably thought they’d never see – no money for food. With foreclosures and gasoline and utility costs rising, not to mention the effects of recession, times are hard for many in our community.”

Unfortunately, this phenomenon coincides with a seasonal low in Salvation Army food pantry supplies. “We’ve used up our holiday donations feeding people through the holidays and beyond,” observes Major Buttrey. “We need a new influx of support.”

“From everything I’m hearing, this is a scenario that may not let up, especially for older workers,” says Major Buttrey. With out-sourcing, their jobs aren’t coming back. Many have already scaled down their expectations. They’re looking for entry-level work outside their fields. But they are being displaced by younger workers.”

“The Salvation Army has always served the neediest,” says Buttrey, “and we will continue to respond to cries for help from those who need it most. But we depend on the support of the community to do our work.

This year is our 100th year of service in Lake County and we need the community’s support now as much as we have for the last 100 years. We urge our friends to make a gift so we can help those who are hurting most of all.”

Donations by mail can be sent to The Salvation Army, 8225 Columbia Avenue, Munster, IN 46321 indicate food on your check.

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