Salvation Army in Spain responds to earthquake

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Salvationists in Spain are responding to the earthquake that hit Lorca, Murcia, on May 11. The 5.1-magnitude quake, combined with an earlier 4.4-magnitude tremor, killed nine people and caused damage to 80 percent of the town’s buildings. The nearest Salvation Army corps is in Alicante, more than 80 miles away.

The officers based in Alicante, husband-and-wife Lt. Luigi Muedas and Capt. Jenniffer Beltrán, traveled to Lorca to assess how The Salvation Army can provide help. As part of this assessment the officers spoke with representatives from the Spanish military and the Red Cross who are coordinating the emergency response.

People are afraid to spend time indoors and there is great fear that another earthquake will cause even greater destruction. Capt. Beltrán and Lt. Muedas report that many people are sleeping in tents put up by the Spanish military but that some, including families with small children, are spending the night in the open. Others are sleeping in their cars.

There is an immediate need for food, hot drinks and blankets but the main need is for shelter. There is also a need for volunteers so The Salvation Army’s offer of help has been gratefully received. An initial sum of US$10,000 has been sent from The Salvation Army’s International Headquarters to fund the provision of shelter, food and other necessities.


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