Salvation Army in Africa considers response to Ivory Coast refugee situation

A constitutional crisis in the Ivory Coast has led to many people fleeing the country to seek safety in neighboring Liberia and Ghana. The Salvation Army’s Ghana Territory and Liberia Command are both currently assessing how best to respond. There is currently no Salvation Army presence in the Ivory Coast.

Ghana Territorial Commander Colonel Charles Swansbury writes: “We have been advised by the divisional commander near the border [with the Ivory Coast] of the distressing condition of many hundreds of escapees who have recently crossed into Ghana. They have little clothing, shelter or personal resource.”

The Liberia Command leadership sent a team of three officers to the border where the United Nations High Council for Refugees (UNHCR) had registered more than 30,000 refugees. The team reported that conditions for the refugees were very poor, and that there is a great need for food, water, bedding, medicines and clothes—particularly with the rainy season due to start soon.

Salvation Army leaders from Liberia and Ghana have applied to International Headquarters for funding so they can begin work with the refugees.



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