Sacramental Moments – Sacramental Lives – FOUR VIEWS ON BAPTISM AND COMMUNION


Baptism Communion
Roman Catholic (Sprinkling) “Baptism effects the washing of regeneration.” Faith does not have to be present.The work is solely God’s work.

Through consecration of the bread and the wine, the bread changes into Christ’s body and wine changes into Christ’s blood. Christ is truly and substantially present in the elements themselves.

Spiritual food for the soul; it strengthens participant and frees from venial sins.

Christ is sacrificed at each Mass to atone for the sins of the partaker.

Lutheran (Sprinkling or Immersion) In order for baptism to be effectual, saving faith must be exercised prior to baptism.The elements do not change into the presence of Christ, but he is actually present in, with and under the elements.

Recipient has the forgiveness of sins and the confirmation of faith. Participation must include faith or the sacrament conveys no benefit.

Reformed (Sprinkling or Pouring) Baptism is an outward sign of an inward reality.Christ is not literally present in the elements. He is present spiritually in the partaking of the elements.

A commemoration of Christ’s death that bestows grace to seal partakers in the love of Christ. The supper gives spiritual nourishment and brings one closer to the presence of Christ.

Baptist (Immersion) Baptism is simply a testimony, a first profession
of faith.Christ is not present in the elements either literally or spiritually.

A commemoration of the death of Christ. The partaker is reminded of the benefits of redemption and salvation brought about in Christ’s death.


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