Roswell enrolls 12 junior soldiers

Three adherents and 12 junior soldiers joined the ranks at the Roswell, New Mex., corps recently. The junior soldiers wore their new uniforms proudly as they recited their promise and saluted Lt. Colonel Olin Hogan, Southwest divisional commander, as he swore them in.

“The children are eager to learn the teachings of the church and share their knowledge with family members and friends,” report Envoys Michael and Diane Gomes, in-charge.

In his sermon, Hogan asked the congregation to pray for the children and be mentors to them.

Newly enrolled are: Anna Maria Chavez, Alex Anaya, Daniela Ibarra, Anna Musick, Lisa Musick, Salvador Garcia, Melody Garcia, Karina Palomino, Stephanie Noriega, Yvette Garcia, Bridgett Garcia, and Amanda Anaya.


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