Rob Pace: America’s favorite charity called to action

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National Advisory Organizations Conference 2007

Robert Pace with fellow NAB member Dale Jones.

In his opening remarks at Thursday night’s kick-off Rob Pace, managing director of Goldman Sachs and NAB president, reminded delegates that “Doing the Most Good” isn’t a boast; it’s a promise. “The Army has never been stronger,” he said. “We are America’s favorite charity—no one even comes close. Now, we must not rest on our laurels. We must never lose the public trust.”

He then noted qualities that contributed to the Army’s strength: “We are effective for many reasons; 85 cents of every donation goes for the purpose the donor has assumed in giving. We are aspirational—up-to-date—not static. We sustain what we do effectively and work to restore people from a place of darkness and despair to a place of light and hope. We are authentic…real…truthful. We are universal—difficult in an age of political polarization but easy when we reach across the number of borders this Army touches.”

In an interview with New Frontier Pace said, “It’s important to know that The Salvation Army operates on two levels: it helps 35 million people and it also acts as a counterweight.” By that, he explained, “Our country’s Judeo-Christian principles are starting to be pushed away. The Salvation Army is a counterweight for goodness.”

He concluded by reflecting that NAOC 2007 “has been extraordinarily well done—professional, spiritual—but warm, as The Salvation Army should be.”

Searching for significance

Searching for significance

National Advisory Organizations Conference 2007 God’s purpose for the Army is

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