Renewing the Vision

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“Write the vision…” said the prophet, in Habakkuk 2:2.

More than 100 Salvationist writers and editors from the US and abroad met at National Headquarters in Alexandria, Va., to participate in The Salvation Army’s national literary conference, “Renewing the Vision.”

Throughout the balmy autumn weekend, delegates honed writing skills, participated in workshops led by editors and writers for Salvation Army publications, and delved into the dynamics of interviewing and design. A significant number of delegates attended from the Western Territory.

In welcoming the group, Lt. Colonel Marlene Chase, national editor-in-chief and literary secretary, noted that with War Cry editors from seven countries in attendance, it was “truly an international conference.”

“God is using The Salvation Army and the publications of the Army, maybe even more than you know,” stated keynote speaker Dr. Roger Palms, former editor of Decision magazine, as he greeted the delegates.

In his address, Palms encouraged the crowd to know the culture they are writing for. “We write to where people are–we go to them in their loneliness. But we can no longer go to them with a ‘one size fits all’ gospel.” Examining the unique characteristics of age groups ranging from ‘seniors’ to ‘busters’ and ‘millennials,’ he identified ways in which writers might meet diverse needs.

During Sunday morning’s worship, Dr. Roger Green related the need for writers to speak “an intentional word for an intentional community for an intentional future.”

Colonel Henry Gariepy (R), former national editor-in-chief and literary secretary, was a special guest. New Frontier editor Robert Docter and Managing Editor Sue Schumann Warner taught a course on “Writing Salvation Army News.” In addition, Docter participated on a panel of Army publications editors.

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