Reignite passion

Aggressive Christianity conference to focus on practical expressions of faith.

by Kyle Smith – 

The Aggressive Christianity conference leaders are sending a call to prayer out to all blood and fire Salvation Army soldiers.

Why? Because there is a world sinking in degradation and despair. There are hurting people who need to know that there is a Great Healer, a Savior, who can transform their dark, lonely existence into a life full of hope and promise. This is the very reason God raised up The Salvation Army. This is the very purpose God has for you.

Some may think the early passion has gone from this great institution, but you and I know it hasn’t. It is the very thing that drives us on. It is the very reason the Western Territory is holding the Aggressive Christianity Conference October 27-30 in San Francisco, Calif.

Come get reignited, inspired, encouraged and filled up with God’s Spirit. There will be opportunities to let the Spirit pour out of you into the streets and byways of San Francisco as you reach out to minister in practical ways in Christ’s name.

Please pray, my fellow soldiers, for General John Gowans (R) who will be speaking to us at Aggressive Christianity. Pray for Major Edward Hobgood as he portrays the story of Joe the Turk, a hero of Aggressive Christianity, who boldly paved the way for this great Army to preach and reach out to the masses in the West. Pray that today’s Salvation Army will be nothing less than what God intended it to be. Pray that the Aggressive Christianity conference will touch lives and make us better soldiers of Jesus. Ask the Lord if He wants you there, and respond to his Spirit obediently.

If we pray I believe we can count on the Holy Spirit’s moving to make this a conference like no other, the very rumblings of which I pray will bring a great revival to sweep through the Salvation Army. Our movement made history bringing hope to the down and out and righting the wrongs of social injustice. History is made every day, and these days in October just might be a few days of history making you dare not miss. Contact your DYS to register today or visit

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