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The Salvation Army raises awareness at the World Cup


Soccer’s World Cup competition, held this summer in Germany, had not only its bright but also its dark side—evident in the approximately 40,000 women who traveled to the country to work as prostitutes, often against their will and under pressure.

Churches and other organizations drew attention to this scandal. The Salvation Army allied itself with those speaking out against this situation and seeking to offer aid to these exploited women.

In 2004 an international conference of Salvation Army leaders issued a declaration against human trafficking and sexual exploitation, which can be viewed at the Army’s international website,

To bring attention to the darker side of what is otherwise a time of celebration, the Army’s international mission teams distributed leaflets in all the cities hosting World Cup matches, committed to the belief that the degrading practice of sexually exploiting and oppressing women must not be ignored.

The Germany and Lithuania Territory created an online blog to record the daily activities of the international mission teams serving in eight of the 12 World Cup host cities. From the blog’s main page one can link directly to each of the cities to view a daily journal, including photos. Another feature is the comment window, where readers can leave impressions and reaction.

The blog’s online address is Other useful links include the German Salvation Army homepage, the international Salvation Army homepage and the Kickoff2006 homepage.
Compiled from international news releases from Colonel Horst Charlet, territorial commander, Germany and Lithuania and Major David Bowles, campaign coordinator

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Salvation Army volunteers campaign against human trafficking at World Cup games

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