Spring fashion show benefits Army programs

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A first-ever spring fashion show benefit extravaganza, presented by Passion 4 Fashion, took place recently at the Harbor House Women’s Building in San Francisco, with proceeds for the benefit of The Salvation Army Harbor House and Project Homeless Connect.

The event, entitled All Eyes On Us, was professionally organized, with a real runway and actual models from MTM Modeling Agency of Oakland. Also participating as models were five Harbor House residents and three of their children.

All Eyes On Us presented an intriguing look at community recovery and healing through the art of fashion and self-expression. Seeking to break down stereotypes of beauty and fashion, the show celebrated all shapes and ages through the art of humor, glamour and fashion.

The event proved to be very exciting and therapeutic for our clients,” said Christine Dunmore, Harbor House director. “It gave the participants a sense of self-worth and confidence.”

“The women gained so much I really don’t know where to begin,” added Tracy Phillips, counselor and organizer of the show. “It’s about their self-esteem and self-worth. They learned that if they put time and effort into whatever their dream is, that dream can become a reality. That was the real pay-off for them.”

San Francisco-based Passion 4 Fashion consists of Bay Area men and women in recovery. Its mission is to express their gratitude for their recovery through the art of fashion. The show featured emerging Bay Area fashion designers, Misty Horn with MH Fashion, Tracy Phillips with Vanity Designs and Suga-Bear Fashion. Sponsors were: 24 Hour Fitness, San Francisco Toyota, Bay Area Designers and Vanity

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