Record Crowd Swells Good Friday Service

A GOOD FRIDAY–A record crowd of more than 800 enjoyed “On a Hill Far Away,” narrated by broadcast personality Stephanie Edwards (upper left


A record crowd of more than 800 neighbors, friends and Salvationists enjoyed this year’s dramatic presentation of “On a Hill Far Away,” held on the lawn of the Crestmont campus on Good Friday. Now in its third year, the drama is becoming an Easter Week tradition for many in the area.

Broadcast personality Stephanie Edwards, as Mary Magdalene, narrated the one-hour program, which re-enacted the events of the Passion Week in music and drama. In addition, the performance contained special recorded segments by actor Robert Goulet.

Other highlights included a beautiful musical score, with choral and solo pieces performed by the cadets from the College for Officer Training, and live doves and a donkey.

Colonel Dennis L. Phillips, chief secretary, brought an Easter challenge based on Pilate’s question “What will you do then with Jesus, the Christ?”

“Sometime, some place, each of us has to come to terms with who Jesus is in our life,” Phillips stated. “You must admit your sin, believe in him with all your heart, and call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved.”

The event was produced by Captain Donna Ames and directed by Captain Kenneth Hodder, who wrote the script. Others involved were: Bandmaster Ivor Bosanko, music; Major Diane O’Brien, CFOT music coordinator, and Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock, executive producer.

After the event, hundreds stayed to enjoy the traditional bread and broth fellowship provided at the College for Officer Training.

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