‘Reboot’ retools women’s ministries

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Western Territory women develop new program

Twelve women from around the Western Territory came together in mid-March for “Reboot,” a dedicated time to explore innovation in women’s ministries. The resulting program is set for launch during the 2018 Commissioning weekend.

Inspired by a podcast about NASA’s creative process, Territorial President of Women’s Ministries Commissioner Jolene K. Hodder asked every division to nominate passionate women who represent all walks of life. Over the course of three days, participants were tasked with building a ministry program that would be exciting, encouraging and meet the needs of the women of the territory.

“Even before we all arrived we knew that this was a divine appointment for 12 diverse women of God called together for a singular purpose,” said Lt. Regina Verdugo, Administrator for Business at the San Bernardino (California) Adult Rehabilitation Center. “So we gathered—young mothers, empty nesters, a widow, grandmothers, first-generation Salvationist, multi-generation Salvationist, a non-Salvationist, Salvation Army employees, soldiers, officers, some from recovery—a variety of backgrounds that could have only been preordained by the guiding of the Holy Spirit.”

A group of women from the West met to review women’s ministries (l-r) Noel Evans, Regina Verdugo, Maria Ramirez, Lynn Stewart (back), Becky Weiss, Toni Halstad (back), Debbie Lum, Sandy Webb (back), Kyna Kelley, Leah Fowler (back), Maxine Duvall, and Kathryn Opina (back).

The group reviewed comments submitted from women in the field as they looked to meet the needs of all communities. Territorial leadership was there to answer questions as needed, but let the group direct the new vision.

“We were excited as it all was coming together, something new was being birthed while leaving space to honor what had already existed and flourished across the territory,” Verdugo said. “Every woman on the team had a voice, used their gifts, and worked together to help create something exciting.”

It was a session backed in prayer that proved valuable, Hodder said.

“God provided a miracle beyond our wildest imagination. The territory’s prayers brought together just the right women with the combination of backgrounds and skills that were necessary to give everyone in the territory a voice,” she said. “Despite the huge task of rebooting women’s ministries, the team provided territorial headquarters with more substance and resources than we ever thought possible.”   

Find out what the new program entails June 9 during the 2018 Commissioning weekend.

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