Promoted to Glory

Mrs. Colonel Chang Ah Jee (also known as Lee Eun Yae) (R) responded to the call of the Lord on January 17, 2001. She is the mother of Commissioner Peter H. Chang (R), former Western territorial commander. Her husband, Colonel Chang Oon Young (R), was Promoted to Glory on February 22, 1999.

Mrs. Colonel Chang Ah Jee (R) entered the Training College with her husband in Seoul, Korea in September 1923 and was Commissioned in 1924.

In their first appointment, they planted a corps in Chemulpo, now known as Inchon. Mrs. Chang served with her husband in corps appointments prior to being appointed to the trade department as well as the Seoul Boys’ Home.

She and her husband were then appointed as Divisional Leaders of the Hang Kang Division. In December 1940, when all expatriate staff had to leave Korea due to the ruling Japanese imperial government, Mrs. Chang moved back to THQ and supported her husband in his responsibility as Field Secretary. The many trials and tortures she and her husband were subjected to during those days must have been brutal but have only been recorded in Heaven. While many good and faithful comrades left officership due to the unusual circumstances prevailing in Korea in those days, Mrs. Chang insisted that she and her husband would never even consider leaving their calling

Soon the final triumph was at hand with the ending of World War II. Victory seemed brief, however, as they were soon facing the trials of the Korean War that erupted in June 1950. Although it was a tough and rough period indeed, they never gave in to the invaders from the North. Soon after the recovery of Seoul from the Northern Communist forces, Mrs. Chang was the one who organized assistance to the poor and needy with the distribution of materials and relief goods that had arrived from overseas.

A funeral service was conducted by Corps Officer Captain Kim Jong Woo, Flushing, NY Korean Corps. The committal service was held at Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, NY, conducted by Commissioner Fred Ruth (R).

Family members who survive her are: sons, Won Chul, Comm. Peter Chang (R), and Chung Dong; and daughters, Grace, Chung Sook, Mona, and Esther.

Messages may be sent to Commissioner Peter H. Chang (R), 5865 Friars Rd., #3316, San Diego, CA 92110-6011.

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West gives Taiwan first kettles

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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Restitution (Ed note: Major Russell Fritz, San Bernardino corps officer, shared

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