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Soldier of Christ – Well Done!’
Crest for Promoted to Glory

Three Veteran Officers Leave for Home

Lt. Colonel Margaret B. Cox (R)
has peacefully and quietly entered the gates of Heaven from Hayward, Calif.

Born in 1906, she was the granddaughter of a missionary. When her father was unable to care for his children, she was put up for adoption. Lt. Colonel Blanche Cox, a pioneer missionary, offered stability, a secure home, and a lifelong relationship with The Salvation Army.

She was commissioned from the Training College in 1924 and began a circuit-type of evangelistic outreach in Oahu, Hawaii. Though she had several corps appointments, she chose to reach individuals for God’s Kingdom through quality social services. She spent 12 years at the Lytton Children’s Home and received her M.S.W. in 1951 from the U.C. School of Social Welfare at Berkeley.

After several headquarters assignments she became the territorial women’s social service secretary in 1956, being promoted to Lt. Colonel in 1959. She was appointed territorial social welfare secretary in 1967, continuing in this capacity for several years after retirement.

Her busy retirement years have been spent in San Francisco, Sacramento and Hayward, Calif.

A memorial service was held at the Cypress Lawn Noble Chapel in Colma. Major Gordon Helms officiated, with Lt. Colonel Della M. Rees (R) speaking.

Brigadier Isabel McVean (R)
was promoted to Glory recently from the Santa Monica Hospital, Santa Monica, Calif.

Isabel was enrolled as a soldier in The Salvation Army in 1934 and entered the New York Training School in 1935. Following commissioning, she was appointed to assist at the Brooklyn, N.Y., Nursery and Infants Hospital. Other appointments in the East included the Cleveland and Pittsburgh Homes and Hospitals and the Jersey City Door Of Hope Hospital.

In 1959 Isabel transferred to the Western Territory and was appointed to the Spokane Booth Memorial Home and Hospital. In 1960 she served at the El Paso Booth Memorial Home as executive housekeeper until she entered retirement in 1968. Affectionately called the “Little Brig,” Isabel endeared herself to hundreds of girls who have been in the Army’s care. Many were helped over rough spots in their lives and in their handiwork. She spent many hours in the ceramic shop doing special firings.

Isabel made her retirement home in Santa Monica. She was active in the League of Mercy and made weekly visits to the nursing homes and continued to be an active soldier until declining health kept her home.

A graveside service was held at Inglewood Park Cemetery and a memorial service at the Santa Monica Corps with Major Ronald Bawden, corps officer, officiating.

Brigadier Helen Mosely (R)
was promoted to Glory recently from Santa Rosa, Calif.

Helen was born in 1911 to Laurence and Minette Nelson in Cle Elum, Wash. When her father passed away, Helen, the oldest child, assisted her mother in running a small grocery store and helped raise her brother Ed and sister Alyce.

After graduation, Helen was commissioned from the Training College in San Francisco with the Climbers Session in 1931. Soon after her probation period, she married Bramwell W. Glaeser, and they were blessed with three children.

Her life in The Salvation Army was a rich and rewarding one. Together the Glaesers served in many appointments until his promotion to Glory in 1969. After her remarriage to Brigadier Forrest Mosely, she went from corps work to the Adult Rehabilitation Centers, serving in Salt Lake City, Denver and Sacramento. In 1979 they retired in Santa Rosa, where they gave many hours a week to the Lytton ARC and were faithful soldiers of the Santa Rosa corps.

Because of ill health they moved to Oakmont Gardens, a retirement center in that city. Last year a debilitating stroke confined her to bed.

The memorial service was held at the corps, officiated by Major Ralph Hood, territorial property secretary and former corps officer. Expressions of sympathy may be sent to Brigadier Forrest Mosely (R), 301 White Oak Drive #295, Santa Rosa CA 95409-5948.

Four Valued Officers Enter Retirement

Four Valued Officers Enter Retirement

Majors Earl and Annette McInnes now enter honored retirement



MARTHA ELEANOR JAMES was promoted to Glory recently in Petersburg, Alaska

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