More love, more power, more prayer

by Mervyn Morelock, Lt. Colonel –

More love, more power, more of you in my life.And I will worship you with all of my heart,

And I will worship you with all of my mind,

And I will worship you with all my strength,

For you are my Lord.

And I will sing your praise with all of my heart,

And I will sing your praise with all of my mind

And will sing your praise with all my strength

For you are my Lord,

For you are my Lord.

As we move into a New Year, the words of this song become a strong support to our prayer that we have more power—more power in our prayer life.

How has your prayer life been this past year? Do you have any victories to report? God has been moving and answering prayer in many ways over the past several months. The record of people who have been in pain, facing surgeries, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, the break up of families has been steady, unrelenting, all this past year. But the praise reports keep coming in, for God is giving wonderful answers to our prayers.

It’s interesting how often we pray in earnest, asking others to pray for a need. Then, when the prayer is answered, we go on as if nothing had ever happened. God must be disappointed by our lack of gratitude!

A couple of recent events blessed me. One was a new request from the wife of an officer friend whose healing had been prayed for sometime ago. God answered prayer. Recently, a new exam revealed a different medical problem, so our friend is back on the prayer list! God is powerful, and we are believing for victory and complete healing!

A second request for prayer came via the Internet. It came from a very ill mother, with two children. The family had lost their house due to foreclosure; had to give away the family pets because they were now living in an apartment. The dad had just lost his job, and there wouldn’t be any Christmas this year. The children were concerned about their mother’s health and seemed to be accepting that they would have no Christmas.

Her message, “If you can help or even just say a prayer for us that would be so great,” had been sent to International Headquarters in London. The message was forwarded to the Western Territory IT Department, who forwarded it to the Territorial Prayer Coordinator’s office. We contacted Captain Harold Laubach in Pueblo, Colo., to see if help could be given. He reported right back that the lady had been contacted, came to the Christmas Center, received a big box of groceries with a turkey, and each child received a huge bag of gifts. They were invited to return for further assistance if needed.

The mother was overwhelmed. She sent an e-mail to say how grateful the family was for the answer to their prayers.

It was just one of the many stories we hear at Christmas, but a little different, because her prayer request went half way around the globe to be answered!

During this New Year may your prayer be:

More love, more power of God in my life!I will worship you with all of my heart, mind and strength,

For you are my Lord!

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