‘Practical theology at it’s best’ – New book written by Salvation Army Officer

The major United States theology publisher, Wipf and Stock, has just released an academic book by a Salvation Army officer, Major Dean Pallant. Keeping Faith In Faith-Based Organisations – A Practical Theology of Salvation Army Health Ministry has been described by Professor Kjell Nordstokke of the Diakonhjemmet University College in Norway as “practical theology at its best!”

The book describes how the world’s poorest people are struggling to access quality, affordable health care and argues change is urgently required. Faith-based organisations (FBOs) deliver more than 40 per cent of health services in many of the poorest places. This book calls FBOs to deliver quality health services without sacrificing their faith in the process. Major Pallant poses the pertinent question: ‘If its faith does not drive an FBO, whose faith does?’

Major Pallant, Under Secretary for Programme Resources and International Health Services Coordinator at International Headquarters says: ‘It has been my privilege to witness amazing Salvation Army ministry in more than 40 countries around the world in the past four years. I have observed similar challenges being faced by Salvationists – we have more in common than we think! This book tells the story of how The Salvation Army lives out the gospel faithfully while not pretending we are not sometimes tempted to be unfaithful.’

The major’s proposals are bold and far-reaching for The Salvation Army and other FBOs. They are insightful and challenging for everyone. General Linda Bond, in the preface, writes: ‘I have been challenged and encouraged by Dean Pallant’s fresh approach. This book is not a word in season for The Salvation Army alone. It is timely for any faith-based organisation. The time has come for us to stand because of our faith in order to serve with compassion and grace.’

Keeping Faith In Faith-Based Organisations can be purchased from or for £13.00 (prices may vary).

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